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We design eco solutions for smart homes, housing estates and university campuses. We have the know-how in the area of wind power plants, photovoltaic cells and battery systems.

We deal with our customers’ power problems with holistic approach. We are aware of the importance of energetic independence and the security of constant power supply. Our systems are designed with the prosumer in mind – they make it possible to consume the energy accumulated in the batteries or to sell the excess to the energy grids.

We build infrastructures that maximize the synergy between different units. When the sun exposure is accurate, the batteries are powered by Soltrack System. It can be additionally linked to wind turbines that increase the system’s efficiency on windy days. The whole system is controlled by high class inverters.

Key features of the system:

  • Secured power levels during unfavorable weather condition. Advanced digital controllers detect power decreases in the batteries resulting from bad weather condition and switch the system to mains power supply.
  • Security of constant power supply. The system automatically switches from mains to battery supply in case of power breakdown caused by failure in the power plant.

The surplus energy from eco-solutions can be sent to dedicated devices custom-made for our clients. Some custom-made solutions created by us:

  • Surplus energy powering water distillery for medical purposes.
  • Powering a garden stream with closed water circle, with a 85 tons/h efficiency pump.
  • Electric car charging station.

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