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Services We implement projects according to the rigorous safety standards in the following fields:

  • Green Energy

    We design eco solutions for smart homes, housing estates and university campuses. We have the know-how in the area of wind power plants, photovoltaic cells and battery systems.

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  • Industrial automation

    We are acknowledged specialists when it comes to the maintenance of industrial automation, as well as implementing innovations that accelerate production process.

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  • Eco-cars

    We are experienced in servicing electric drives and battery systems in all models of electric cars, also in Scandinavia.

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  • Aircraft industry

    Our resistive load banks and UPS systems are appreciated among global companies of aircraft industry. We take part in ensuring safety and reliability.

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  • Energy industry

    We cooperate with energy industry designing projects of wind and solar farms. We implement new technologies as well as evaluate and monitor the existing infrastructures.

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  • Entertainment industry

    We introduce innovations in the entertainment industry, implementing projects complying with the highest safety standards.

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Support for industry The finished projects are the best proof of quality:

  • Industrial automation • Latest

    Electrode processing tables

    The series of tables for processing magnetic electrodes has been designed with due consideration to work ergonomics and safety. The device cleans the...

  • Energy industry • Latest

    Control cabinets for eco power plants

    We construct distribution boards equipped with digital PLCs that can be remotely monitored, using mobile computers or cell phones. They comply with...

  • Energy industry • Latest


    We construct distribution boards equipped with digital PLCs that can be remotely monitored, using mobile computers or cell phones. Our systems are...

  • Energy industry • Latest

    Rectifier B-DC 20/248V

    We offer full range of rectifiers, from 500 A to 500 kA DC, adapting our solutions to any industrial applications. We design custom-made products:...

  • Latest • Metal industry

    Furnace for steel hardening

    Industrial furnace for steel hardening has been designed having in mind safety, ergonomics and energy-efficiency. The digital control system...

Polisystem Hi-Tech Innovations in high technology - better and safe future

References Testimonials of investors and strategic business partners

  • Cooperating with Polisystem, we managed to finish a few complicated and ambitious eco-solution projects financed by the EU. Thanks to their supervision, a few problems were successfully detected and solved, which allowed us to finish all the work on time.

    Włodzimierz Styk

    EuroCompass, Vice-President

  • Polisystem performed a modernization of electrical installation, supplementing it with a photovoltaic cell system and wind turbines. It allowed us to reduce energy cost by 40% and allocate the surplus funds in more manpower.

    Leszek Sawicki

    ZM Progress - President

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Polisystem since its owner, Grzegorz Wisniewski was making his first steps in the Podkarpacie Region. Their innovative, resourceful and brave spirit has made Polisystem a high tech leader of the region in almost all vital areas, from eco power plants to aircraft industry.

    dr Krzysztof Zyś

    NZOZ Profamilia